Skills for Growth

Jul 13, 2023 | NSAFD News

The manufacturing sector is crucial for the UK and Greater Manchester economies. It helps to improve productivity, create jobs and diversify the city’s economy. The manufacturing industry has a bright future and will continue to be an essential part of both the UK and Greater Manchester economy and serves as a long tradition in the North-West Region.

The European Social Fund (ESF), through the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s three-year Skills for Growth programme, has provided funding to boost productivity in the Manufacturing sector. Specific areas of skills development have been identified as a way for employers in the industry to improve productivity and grow.

InStep (an Industry Approved Provider) are offering a range of workforce development programmes designed to support the identified skills needs within the Greater Manchester manufacturing sector.

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Funded master classes are as follows:

Performance Management

Gain the skills and tools to performance manage your staff to achieve maximum individual performance.


Effective Communication 

The building blocks and core skills for communicating effectively with others.


Leading & Managing Change

Lead and implement change effectively, balancing the needs of individuals and the organisation.


Leadership Principles 

For team leaders and first line managers to gain a foundation in good leadership principles and practice.


Team Building 

The skills and tools for assessing their team’s effectiveness and taking steps to build and maintain an effective team.



Gain a wide range of tools and techniques to support efforts and to motivate others.

Manufacturing Excellence Masterclass

This particular Masterclass will help individuals to understand the importance of why their organisation has quality systems and tools in place to monitor the quality of production operations. It will also help individuals to understand how they can become more proactive in ensuring quality measures are implemented and monitored.

Courses are offered fully funded to those working in the manufacturing sector in the Greater Manchester region.