What we offer businesses in the food and drink industry

Setting the standard for superior skills training in food & drink manufacturing

Relax. If you’re looking to create a high-performing, safe and committed workforce – wanting to get the very best from your people – you’re in the right place. What problems will we solve for you? Well improved productivity, greater profit potential and a safer, happier and more stable workforce for a start.
We offer 4 products to support businesses: Employee Services Network, Programme Recognition, Tasty Careers and Managed Agent.

Join the Employer Services Network

Free training, valuable discounts and a say at the top table when you join our Employer Services Network

Our Employer Services Network covers a wide range of valuable training privileges and cost savings, as well as fuss-free access to the highest quality food specific training from Industry Approved Training Providers. As we are dedicated to the industry, you can be assured we’ll offer all the right expertise in uncovering the skill opportunities that will boost company growth.

How many employees do you have?

Achieve programme recognition

Give your internal training programmes an industry stamp of approval

If you’re already confident your internal training is good, achieving Programme Recognition via the NSAFD boosts both your internal standing and your company’s external reputation for quality training that helps you attract and retain the best talent.



Tasty Careers

Reach out to your next generation of talent with Tasty Careers

Tasty Careers is a recruitment game changer – bringing industry careers information together with live entry-level vacancies and making them instantly accessible to the smartphone generation. The Tasty Careers website is a first port of call for young people seeking live industry job opportunities and the very best study choices to help them into industry careers. You can post entry-level positions, graduate schemes, apprenticeships and internships completely free of charge – with the added bonus of sustained social media promotion. Talk to us to find out more.

Our Managed Agent service

Take the headache out of multi-site compliance

Our Managed Agent service utilises the Academy’s established network of Industry Approved compliance training experts and specialist niche providers with extensive food industry experience.

We can either provide complete external management of the agreed training schedule or help with individual elements. Such as helping you source industry standard providers at an agreed price.


Geared to your success

Growing the skills and knowledge of your staff is vital to business growth. The lynchpin of innovation and flexibility. And essential to continuing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Everything we do is geared to your success. Formed with industry support around a specific mission to support skills at every level within UK Food & Drink Manufacturing and Processing, the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink is led entirely by industry needs.

We’ve industry representatives on our Board. And there’s industry input on every single thing we do.

Trusted by the best

We’re trusted by the biggest names in UK Food & Drink – and the rising stars of tomorrow. So we not only know our stuff but live and breathe your day-to-day challenges and share your ambitions.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, no matter what you do, what size of business you are, whether your challenges are big or small – when it comes to boosting the skills and knowledge of your people, we’ve got your back.

We’re the ones to talk to. So let’s talk today