Food Engineer Standard Consultation

Feb 2, 2022 | Apprenticeships

The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink are encouraging employers and stakeholders to respond to a consultation on the Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard for Food and Drink Maintenance Engineering.

It is important that the sector respond to ensure the food and drink industry has the right kind of apprenticeship for this important occupation.

Through this online consultation, we would welcome feedback on the content of the draft apprenticeship standard. It will be of particular interest to stakeholders including prospective apprentices, awarding bodies, assessors, providers and employers.

You will be able to provide detailed comments, line by line, on the content of the Apprenticeship Standard or answer some simple yes/no questions on whether you are happy, overall, with the content.

The consultation period will run to 20th July 2021.

The link to complete the consultation can be accessed by clicking the following link: