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Food Industry Technical Professional Degree, Level 6

Food Industry Technical Professional Degree, Level 6

Course Overview

The Food Industry is one of the largest, most dynamic and fastest growing sectors of industry. Every day, producers, food manufacturers and retailers make and sell millions of innovative food products, such as drinks, cakes, biscuits, ready to eat and ready to cook food, sandwiches, wraps, fresh fruit and salads to consumers in the UK and around the world. Technical Professionals are passionate about their industry and ensure all products are safe to eat, of consistent appearance, taste, and texture and take great pride in their work.

There are a wide variety of Technical Professional roles: Assistant Food Technical Manager, Quality Manager, Shift Quality Manager, Hygiene Manager, Product Innovation and Development Technologist. They ensure the safety and quality of food products; this includes improving existing products and launching new products; working with operational teams to develop good practices and procedures; and developing good relationships with internal and external customers. They may be employed by a grower, a food manufacturer or by a retailer.
Technical professionals utilise their knowledge to ensure the smooth transition of food and drink products from farm to fork. They ensure that technical and quality standards are achieved whilst maximising profitability to meet customer requirements. They have a set of skills, knowledge and behaviours providing the opportunity for an exciting and rewarding career in the food industry.

Duration: 48 Months
Study Option: Work-based learning
Qualification(s): Apprenticeship
Food Industry Technical Professional Degree, Level 6 Information:
Duration:48 Months
Study Options: Work-based learning
Qualification(s): Apprenticeship

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