Programme Endorsement

Boost the credibility of your courses with an endorsement from us

Show the world the quality of your training programmes with an endorsement from The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink.
Your courses are some of the best around, but it’s not always been easy to demonstrate this to businesses and students, and elevate yourself above the other providers out there.

Until now. Our ‘Programme Endorsement’ initiative gives you the opportunity to quickly show that your courses, teaching and materials are exactly what the industry is looking for.

Endorsement is the shorthand for quality

Anyone can say that their courses are high quality but only the best can achieve our Programme Endorsement status – allowing you to add our coveted ‘endorsed’ logo to your literature and marketing, and helping you stand out.

  • Give your teaching and materials extra credibility and attract more business and students
  • Prove that students graduate with the skills the industry are looking for
  • Improve your reputation of your courses across the whole industry

How to get an Endorsement

To award you with an Endorsement we’ll review your materials and assess the knowledge and experience of those delivering it. But it’s not all about us. For a real endorsement we look to the industry and those who employ your graduates. We’ll ask for three references from food and drink employers who have trained their staff with you in the last 12 months, giving you
testimonials and outlining how your courses add value to their business.

Join those providers already benefiting

High quality learning providers like yours are already benefitting from achieving Programme Endorsement status, and are enjoying the many advantages this recognition brings.

Add this logo to your course credentials and show the world the quality of your training. Being endorsed by the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink means your courses are among the best around – and something worth shouting about.

This mark tells businesses that the course has been created independently but endorsed by both the NSAFD and the Food & Drink Industry:

  • The industry acknowledge the programme is fit for purpose, relevant and of a high standard
  • Training is delivered by our Industry Approved providers with exceptional capability
  • The course materials are of exceptional quality
  • The course will only be delivered by the training provider who developed it

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