Engineering Maintenance & Food Science

Since the last meeting there has been a New Level 3 technical framework for food and drink engineering been developed and approved by WG. This was announced and launched at the Invest in Skills. Invest in Growth conference in Llandudno in February 2018.

We are currently working with companies and Providers to look at specific delivery models across Wales.

Development of specific Food science training programmes will be on the Groups agenda planned for July of this year.

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A telephone conference meeting took place in January of this year to discuss the work on the conversion programmes and apprenticeship opportunities in engineering for the upcoming year,

The next planned meeting is at the end of August 17 where they will discuss the L3 Framework for the Technical Apprenticeship for the Food and Drink industry in Wales that is being worked on in conjunction with WG.

They will also be looking at conversion programmes for Food Scientists and Food Engineers that have been prepared by Zero 2 Five for the Groups, and discuss the content of both courses as well as the viability within the industry.

Once complete the programme will be accredited and for delivery through approved delivery providers across Wales.

The latest review of NOS ( national occupational standards) for this year will be discussed and companies invited to participate with areas that are relevant to them.

Any additional  companies which would like to join the FEM/FST Group, please contact James Hicks on or 07853287533 


Work is under way to assist the development of additional training programmes that will be discussed at the next meeting planned in May/June 2017.

Updates on the Apprenticeship Standard for Food and Drink Maintenance Engineer and the Standard for Food Technologist Apprenticeship that are currently being worked on, will be provided at the same time.

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The last meeting took place on the 29th September 2016 in Swansea.

The Group is looking at possible opportunities for the provision of conversion programmes for both Food Engineers and Food Scientists. 

An update was provided by a member of WG with regards apprenticeships and an update on the Levy as it currently stands.

Terms of reference for the group have been sent out to everyone for information, review and comment.

Apprenticeship pathways were discussed as well as the Apprenticeship Standard for Food and Drink Maintenance engineer and The Standard for Food Technologist Apprenticeship. These are currently being reviewed by group members.

It was explained to the Group the purpose of NOS ( National Occupational Standards) and the reasons as to why we are reviewing them. The Group also revised a number of  NOS documents which were Sustainable food production, Health, safety and the environment in food manufacturing and Quality.

Observations were made and feedback given to the NSAFD who will take these away and incorporate the information relayed by the group into this review.


Industry Skills Partnership groups have also been established, and further updates will be sent out as the group progresses and develops.


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