Following on from the development of the Level 2 programme in June 17 last year the Group put in a collaborative bid to WG for matched funding to deliver the programme. This was approved and back in Oct 17 last year with the first 45 candidates starting in December 17. They will start with 5 mandatory units that all candidates have to complete followed by another 5 optional modules depending on the requirements of those companies that the candidates work for.

Agreement has already been given for a second round for funding support which will be discussed at the next meeting in June 18.

The Group will also be looking at developing a new Level 3 programme to support the now existing Level 2.

To join please contact James on 07852278533 or j.hicks@nsafd.co.uk

Any company wishing to join the Food and Drinks Industry Board Pledge to support Food and Drink Industry in Wales please go to https://tastycareerswales.org.uk/pledge


The new Level 2 Award in Dairy industry Operations was completed and approved by Agored Cymru in June of this year after a number of slight changes to the programme.

A meeting are planned in August with the delivery provider Reaseheath College and the Group to discuss how the courses will be delivered and WG will be in attendance to look at supporting the programmes through a collaborative bid for funding. Agored Cymru will also attend to explain the process of getting the award through the accreditation process.

Further discussion will take place with regards the needs for a Level 3 Award to support the new qualification.

They also plan to look at the latest review of NOS ( national occupational standards) Consultation in Wales for this year.  Companies will be invited to participate with areas that are relevant to them.

Any additional dairy companies which would like to join the Group or know more about the Level 2 Award, please contact James Hicks on j.hicks@nsafd.co.uk or 07853287533 


Following ongoing discussions between the NSAFD, Industry Approved Providers and the Awarding Body, The Level 2 Award in Dairy Industry Operations should now be accredited by the end of April 2017.

After additional consultation amongst the group members, the aggregated demand has now been agreed and scheduling of planned training courses will be discussed with the training providers for this year’s delivery across Wales.

At the next planned meeting delivery of the qualification will be discussed and a presentation will be made by the training providers outlining how this will be achieved.

The Group will now start to look a new Level 3 qualification to support the Level 2 Award in Industry Operations.

For further information contact j.hicks@nsafd.co.uk


The last meeting held was on 16th November 2016.

A new industry led qualification,  Level 2 Award in Dairy Industry Operations has recently been approved and currently going through the awarding body accreditation. As soon as this is complete an update will be published.

It was agreed that the group will now start work soon on a new Level 3 qualification over the next year to support the recently approved Level 2 qualification.

The group also discussed and reviewed the 3 of the NOS standards. These were Cheese, Liquid fresh milk and evaporated products. This gave everyone an opportunity to discuss and comment on the existing standards and look at what possible changes needed to be made to the Standards if appropriate.

The current framework in Wales with regards apprenticeships was discussed and what was happening at the moment with regards possible changes to it. Updates will follow at the next meeting in February 17.

An update was provided with regards the Levy and what was happening in Wales at the moment.


The Wales Dairy Industry Skills Partnership (WDISP) has already been established, and through discussion and collaboration the group has already achieved the following:

  • Terms of Reference in place, vision agreed, and purpose being established with external stakeholders (eg. Dairy Leadership Board)
  • Training needs have been identified – A focus on technical skills was agreed, with 26 required modules of learning outlined at both levels 2 and 3
  • WDISP members provided a forecast of learner numbers for the technical training areas identified, giving an indication of scale for prospective providers
  • Provider capability requirements outlined – the expected quality has been defined in regards to any provider who will be delivering the programmes of learning
  • An exercise was undertaken to invite providers to put themselves forward to the industry to work in partnership with the WDISP to deliver the training
  • Finally a small scale pilot was launched, to test the practice of collaborative training, and the true benefits that it brings


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