Following on from the last meeting back in June 2017 it was decided that there was a better option in moving forward by joining the Drinks cluster Group whereby the NSAFD would look at the skills issues across the industry whilst supporting the Drinks cluster.

The first joint group meeting took place in May 18 and has highlighted 2 main areas that need to be addressed which are currently being reviewed by the Group. Updates to follow.

To join please contact James on 07852278533 or

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The first meeting was held on the 28th June with representatives from the brewing, cider and wine making sectors across Wales.

The aim of the first meeting was to get an understanding of the current situation with regards training and skills needs within the Brewing industry across Wales. Also to get an understanding of issues or problems that faced the industry when looking at sustainability and growth of their businesses.

Sustainability going forward for the industry, continuous improvement of training was available, access to training, look at setting up of a fundamental training policy in Wales for Brewing together with options of a full training program for the industry.

The Group also had a look at an overview of the existing Brewing Apprenticeship in Wales, the content of the qualification and the areas covered and who delivers it in Wales.

Following on from the meeting the Group would like to take forward  5 main points for discussion for further development within the industry at the next meeting: these will be confirmed at the next meeting.

They also plan to look at the latest review of NOS ( national occupational standards) Consultation in Wales for this year.  Companies will be invited to participate with areas that are relevant to them.

The next planned meeting will be at the end of November 17.

Any additional companies which would like to join the Brewery Group or know more about the work being undertaken by them, please contact James Hicks on or 07853287533 


The next planned Industry Skills Partnership Group will be in Brewing, with the first planned meeting being in either May/June 2017.

The NSAFD are interested in hearing from organisations in Wales in the industry who would be interested in joining the Group to discuss the skills and training needs of the industry across Wales.

Please contact James Hicks on 07852278533 or


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