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Further meetings have taken place in August 2017 and November 2017 to discuss the existing apprenticeship which is in place. As this was due for renewal in early 2018 the group decided to wait to see what the outcome of the renewal was and how long the extension period was for before discussing further.

They also decided to look at a number of alternative proposals sent out in an options paper which will be discussed at the next meeting in June/July 2018.

Additional companies have recently come forward to join the Group and any new members are more than welcome.

To join please contact James on 07852278533 or

Any company wishing to join the Food and Drinks Industry Board Pledge to support Food and Drink Industry in Wales please go to


A meeting was held in April 2017 to review the existing Apprenticeship standard and content in Wales as well as looking at what other courses are available within the industry.

A presentation was made by NPTC ( Neath Port Talbot College) with regards existing provision and facilities at the college to support the Bakery industry

Following on from this meeting the group have decided the way forward is to review the various pathways for delivery of the Apprenticeship that they feel will be fit for purpose in all sectors of the Baking industry across Wales.

The next planned meeting will be mid-August to look at the possible mapped pathways that the Group previously discussed and what can be done going forward.  There will be a representative there from WG to advise. Welsh Bakery Apprenticeships presentation – explaining the issues and proposed solution, this will include:

Current Bakery Qualification mapping – shows the units that must be taken as a minimum to provide coverage of the Apprenticeship Standard

The Level 2 Bakery Standard in England – to see what is covered by the Apprenticeships in Wales

They also plan to look at the latest review of NOS ( national occupational standards) Consultation in Wales for this year.  Companies will be invited to participate with areas that are relevant to them.

Any additional Bakery companies which would like to join the Group or know more about the work being undertaken by them, please contact James Hicks on or 07853287533 


The Wales Bakery Industry Skills Partnership (BISP) has now been established following 2 meetings which were held in October 2016 and January 2017. and through discussion and collaboration the group have looked at the following:

  • Terms of Reference have been discussed and have been agreed and put in place, with a vision agreed, and purpose being established for looking at specific training and skills needs in the bakery industry.
  • Training needs have been identified – At the next planned meeting at the end of April 2017, the group will discuss specific areas of training that need to be developed and will start to put together a specific training programme for the group for short and long term achievement.
  • A questionnaire has been sent out to the group as agreed after the last meeting which will give a further indication of specific areas of training and skills needs that need to be reviewed, this will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • BISP members have been asked to provide a forecast of learner numbers for training areas identified, giving an indication of scale for prospective providers.
  • Provider capability requirements have been outlined – the expected quality has been defined in regards to any provider who will be delivering the programmes of learning.
  • An exercise was undertaken to invite providers to attend the next couple of BISP meetings to explain what facilities they have and what current provision they have within the sector.


The Group held its first meeting on the 18th October 2016, with an excellent turnout from companies right across the sector.

During the meeting the group reviewed the current skills policy, the role of the ISP and its objectives, discussed the role of ISP’s in other Nations and looked at future proofing skills in the industry in Wales.

It also looked at the shared challenges and skills-needs going forward and what the issues are, what skills gaps exist, and what are the barriers to addressing them.

The next meeting is planned for the 31st January 17 and we are currently looking for new members to join the group. Anyone interested should contact James,


Industry Skills Partnership is planned to be established for early October 16, we are currently looking for Companies who would like to be part of the Group. If any is interested please contact


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