Welsh Apprenticeship Reviews – Food and Drink Engineering Maintenance and Brewer

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 15:13

The NSAFD are working with the food and drink industry in Wales in order to ensure the industry has the right apprenticeships to meet their needs.

Through responses to specific consultations, we would welcome feedback on the content of the Food and Drink Engineering Maintenance L3 apprenticeship and the Brewer L2 apprenticeship and the qualifications that underpin them. 

These consultations will be of particular interest to stakeholders including prospective apprentices, awarding bodies, assessors, providers and employers.

The consultation period for both of these consultations will run to 31st January 2020.

Food and Drink Technical Framework – Food and Drink Engineering Maintenance Pathway

The aim of this framework is to attract new people into the food and drink industry to fill technical roles from a wide range of backgrounds to replace those who leave or retire and to upskill the existing workforce in Wales.

Wales has a recognised shortage of skills in food and drink engineering and this shortage is at Technician level as well as at Degree level. The purpose of this framework is to provide the industry with the STEM based apprenticeships for technician level roles required to address these shortages.

The link to this consultation can be accessed here: https://reviewframe.com/collab/view/id/53

Food and Drink Non-Statutory (Wales) Framework – Brewer L2 Pathway

Food and Drink (Brewing) is for those working in brewing, production, processing and bottling operations. The recommended minimum pathway duration time for completion of the current apprenticeship is 12 months.

The Steering Group responsible for leading on the review of this Apprenticeship has recommended a brand new qualification be developed to deliver the technical requirements for Brewing occupations at L2. They are recommending this becomes the new competence-based qualification for this apprenticeship.

The link to this consultation can be accessed here: https://reviewframe.com/collab/view/id/54

If you would like further information on these consultations, please contact Matt Hardy, m.hardy@nsafd.co.uk