WANTED: Supply Chain Provider

Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 15:49

Wanted – a provider with ambition and ability to become ‘Industry Approved’ to deliver the new Supply Chain Practitioner Apprenticeship standard.

This is NOT a logistics programme but a brand new apprenticeship designed for those who undertake roles in the supply chain function of an fmcg manufacturing business. With a small pilot cohort likely to be ready to start in September we need a specialist provider to come on board as part of the NSAFD network and champion the development of a delivery programme for the NSAFD and for some key customers.

Please note; All providers approved on the RoATP are eligible to deliver apprenticeships. There is no requirement for providers to become approved by the Industry and be part of the NSAFD.

This is entirely a voluntary choice.

What we are looking for?

A provider that understands

  • The breadth of the supply chain role in manufacturing
  • The principles of demand planning and production scheduling
  • The nature of the industry and demands of different customers and how to service them


  • Ideally has, or has access to some staff with industry experience
  • Is willing to commit to developing a strong industry led programme
  • Is willing to share their experiences in the future with any provider who wants to also develop capability to deliver this standard as part of the NSAFD network.

The opportunity is to work directly with those food businesses interested in training candidates commencing in September this year. There hasn’t been an apprenticeship of this type before and this represents a unique opportunity to work with industry to be the lead in piloting the programme.

This is a tight turn around and will need applications submitted to our DropBox folder (use link below) by COP Friday 21st July.


If you would like to apply, please contact us on info@nsafd.co.uk and we shall send you the required application forms, along with a briefing note.

We will be working to select successful providers by Wednesday 26th July, with selection/approval on Tuesday 1st August at the Nestlé offices in York.


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