Sign the Tasty Careers Wales Pledge

Wednesday, May 09, 2018 - 15:40

The creation of an industry pledge forms a key part of the Skills Plan for the Welsh food and drink industry. Specifically the strategic aim is to improve the perception and understanding of the food and drink industry in Wales as offering an exciting career of choice, and as such the focus of the pledge is around encouraging businesses to support activity to improve the image of the industry as an exciting place to work.

Welsh Government already supports a number of initiatives which are successful. The aim of this skills plan is to drive wider uptake and activity such that the sector creates a positive shift in the perception of the industry.
In addition, the proposal is that current activity, which is mainly focussed on the food manufacturing sector, is expanded to encompass companies throughout the food supply chain.


The objective of the pledge is to encourage businesses to undertake one or more of the activities available to engage with local schools, communities, and local unemployed people to inform and educate them on the career opportunities available in the food supply chain.

Opportunity Overview

There are a range of opportunities, supported financially by Welsh Government, through which companies can
undertake activity.

Schools Activity

  • Train an Ambassador - commit to train a Tasty Careers Ambassador and enable them to visit at least one local school to showcase their story and provide an overview of food and drink careers

  • Host a Tasty Tour - invite local schools into your company to see for themselves how dynamic and interesting the industry is and the different jobs that are needed to make the food we eat
  • Support a local school's challenge - help a local school by judging their design & technology challenge to design a new product fit for future generations.

Local Community Activity

  • Tasty Jobs - engage with those advising on (e.g. Careers Wales) and seeking employment in your local area to encourage them to take up real job opportunities in your business
  • Promotion of the industry - work with local food festivals and community events.

Careers Activity

  • Skills Cymru - join with other food companies and attend the Skills Cymru careers events in Llandudno and / or Cardiff to showcase your company and the exciting roles in them.

Workplace Pledge

  • Ensure that all members of staff commit to at least one development / training initiative in the next year.

How the Pledge will work.

Companies will be signing up to being ‘Committed to Tasty Careers’ which means they commit to undertake one or more of these activities each year for 3 years. After signing they will receive a visit from Tasty Careers Wales and have all the options available explained to them and select the most appropriate for their organisation. They will also receive a certificate to signify their involvement and a logo to use on their website.

Their involvement will be monitored and PR case studies produced and publicised. This will be used by WG to promote the industry at trade events and highlighted at Taste Wales.

What are the benefits?

  • Demonstrates your company is doing its bit for the promotion of the industry
  • Retailers are increasingly expecting businesses to be undertaking schools engagement
  • Builds your company image as a local employer of choice
  • Access to a potential pool of talent now and for the future
  • Aligns with the values of the Well-being of Future Generations
  • Act and the Economic Action Plan.

How to Pledge

Visit our Tasty Careers Pledge Page at