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Employee Training – Why bother and why you?

There are many tangible benefits to undertaking an apprenticeship scheme:

  • Attract new high-calibre staff.
  • Train existing staff who show aptitude.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technology and learning.
  • Tackle technical skills gaps and facilitate succession planning.
  • Retain staff and develop them in line with business needs.
  • Completion of research projects which may be useful to the employer.
  • Cost effective way of gaining recognised, meaningful qualifications.
  • Promotes self management and organisational skills.

Why Nottingham Trent University?

  • NTU is The Guardian University of the Year 2019 and in the area of Food Science is ranked 5th in the Complete University Guide League Table
  • Our BSc Food Science and Technology course is accredited by the IFST
  • Excellent teaching facilities including food processing laboratory
  • Lecturers with food industry experience.
  • We are committed to supporting employers throughout the apprenticeship process. We will:
    • Assist companies in the recruitment of apprentices
    • Provide employer mentor training
    • Help companies navigate their way through their responsibilities as an employer

What are your areas of specialism and why is it special?

We have a teaching team that includes individuals that have worked in industry at senior level including Quality, Innovation, Legislation and Technical Management. This allows for a pragmatic approach to balance the core scientific and technical fundamentals of Food Science and Technology.

What does your ideal employer look like?

Our most successful partnerships with industry have been with those employers who have taken time to put together a strategy for apprenticeship training and fully understand the support and commitment required from all parties to realise potential of the apprentice.   

How important is the food and drink sector to your business?

We have been delivering food science and technology courses for over 50 years.  The importance of the sector to us is reflected by the fact that this was the first area in which NTU entered the apprenticeship arena

What would your employers say was the best thing about your programmes?

The excellent ongoing communication between employer, apprentices and NTU. The provision of support, coaching and encouragement to the apprentices. The contextualisation of learning. 

What is your favourite learner comment?

NTU have great lecturers who have lots of previous experience working in the food industry which I felt really helped.  There was a lot of support and understanding from lecturers and an appreciation of work/study balance.

What are the key things on your horizon that employers need to know?

We are intending to start delivery of the new L6 Manufacturing Manager in September 2020. 

What would you like to know from an employer before responding to a proposal?

A personal profile of the proposed apprentice is very helpful, including experience, qualifications, aims and reasons for taking on apprenticeship training. This will assist in assessing the individual’s suitability for one of our courses.

In light of all the reforms if you were asked to redesign the system what would you keep?

The emphasis on employer input into the apprenticeship standards. NTU has always consulted industry on curriculum design

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