Produce World benefits from NSAFD & Jumpstart partnership

Tuesday, December 06, 2016 - 09:31

Produce World, the UK’s leading root vegetable grower and supplier of organic vegetables, has taken advantage of the National Skills Academy Food & Drink (NSAFD) membership offer, to receive advice on Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief in collaboration with Jumpstart, the leading provider of R&D advice and technical support.

From its use of planting and harvesting processes to its award winning drip irrigation system, Produce World aims to ensure innovation runs from its farms right through to its IT department.

“We offer novel solutions to what can be called broad issues,” says Guy Thallon, Head of R&D and Innovation at Produce World. “Our team can be looking at trends in consumer consumption habits or the effects of climate change – we respond to topical and important issues on a day-to-day basis. Some of these projects that we work on may receive formal funding, whilst others may not receive anything. However, until we took the time to speak to Jumpstart, we were completely unaware of the aspects of our R&D activity that HMRC wanted to see. It’s extremely rewarding to be seen as adding to the UK’s knowledge economy.”

As well as contributing to and enhancing the UK’s knowledge economy, Produce World leads the industry in sustainable and responsible agronomy, growing, biodiversity and lean supply chain management.

Jumpstart took a collaborative approach across the organisation, working alongside its research and financial teams, as well as its agricultural team, to analyse eligible R&D activity and present it accordingly in a report for the HMRC R&D Tax Relief scheme.

William Burgess, CEO of Produce World, reiterated this: “Having Jumpstart as a technical partner to guide us through the scheme’s complexities – complementing our auditors’ financial capabilities – has been invaluable.”

Guy Thallon believes that his own perception of the R&D Tax Relief scheme has “changed massively”. He said: “The R&D Tax Relief scheme was something seen as being too complicated and not worth the hassle. Yet, having Jumpstart as a facilitator between HMRC and ourselves helped us immensely. Produce World has now implemented best practice procedures with Jumpstart’s support, something which will help when we undertake R&D Tax Relief in the future.”

Having specifically developed this partnership with Jumpstart for the multitude of food manufacturing companies who are undertaking R&D work on a regular basis, Justine Fosh, CEO of the NSAFD, commented: “The support that Produce World has received from Jumpstart has been phenomenal. This clearly justifies the NSA’FDs partnership with Jumpstart as its technical partner of choice for food manufacturers.”

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