Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Review

Wednesday, January 08, 2020 - 11:32

The NSAFD are working with the food and drink industry in Northern Ireland in order to ensure the industry has the right apprenticeships to meet their needs.

A Sectoral Partnership of employers has proposed the development of a brand new L2 Food and Drink Operations apprenticeship in Northern Ireland, including the specification of a new qualification.

At Level 2, persons who work in the manufacturing sector of the food and drink industry are process operators. They may be employed in a company that specialises in one type of product, for example meat products, bakery products or a company that makes a wide range of different products.

Process operatives typically work on production lines within food manufacturing plants. The industry uses excellent manufacturing processes and highly automated equipment and technology to ensure it remains competitive, and produces food and drink to strict food safety and quality standards. 

The Sectoral Partnership responsible for leading on the review of this Apprenticeship has recommended a brand new qualification be developed to deliver the technical requirements for these occupations at L2. They are recommending this becomes the new competence-based qualification for this apprenticeship.

Through responses to this consultation, we would welcome feedback on the content of the apprenticeship and the proposed qualification that will underpin it. 

These consultations will be of particular interest to stakeholders including prospective apprentices, awarding bodies, assessors, providers and employers.

The consultation period for the consultation will run to 31st January 2020.

The link to this consultation can be accessed here:

If you would like further information on these consultations, please contact Matt Hardy,