Apprenticeship Strategy Meeting Success

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 11:43

On Tuesday 8th November our Business Delivery Team here at the NSAFD got together in Nottingham, with some of the businesses in our Employer Services Network, to discuss all things apprenticeships.

We were pleased to be joined by Sharon Blyfield, from Coca-Cola European Partners, Tamsin Addy from ABF Grocery Group and Justine Fosh, our Group CEO, representing Occupational Awards Limited (OAL).

The event was an opportunity for businesses to share their experiences so far, in regards to the implementation of their Skill Strategy in relation to Apprenticeships.

The day featured serval talks form members of the NSAFD and the Employer Services Network. These included Phil Selwood; our Provider Manage gave an overview of the recent clarification to provider funding rules. He focussed on the three key areas that are required to be included in the Provider evidence pack, which are the need for Provider to indicate how the 20% off the job training is going to be delivered, as well as the issues regarding prior learning and the learner baseline in regards to the delivery of the standard.

Sharon Blyfield then shared her thoughts on her approach to attracting new talent into businesses. She explained how she worked with the NSAFD to use the Tasty Careers brand to develop a Coca-Cola branded version of the Tasty Careers Map, and how she then used the Tasty Careers Ambassador Programme to help drive recruitment into the business.

Tasty Careers Ambassadors can be a powerful tool in the delivery of your Early Careers Strategy. Our next Training session will be in York on 20th and 21st February 2019, if you would like to know more then, please contact your NSAFD Account Manager.

Following this, the group found Tamsin Addy’s presentation insightful. She shared the journey she had gone through, with the support of the NSAFD, to create an Apprenticeship Strategy, and the plan she now has to implement and deliver.  

We have worked with several of the Network Members to create and implement an Apprenticeship Strategy, and if you would like to explore how we can work with you, please get in touch.

Finally, Justine Fosh shared what OAL had learned from the Initial End Point Assessments (EPA) that have been delivered recently. She explained that it was important for businesses to and engage early with their End Point Assessment Organisation,  to give your apprentices the best possible chance for a successful outcome.

As always our meetings are engaging and well received, and we have received some great feedback…

“The strategy session was highly interactive, thought-provoking. We left with lots of ideas, but we also gained confidence knowing the NSAFD are on the forefront of Levy activity, listening to employers like us and able to represent us.  A great opportunity to network with peers in the industry and the team delivered the day with unrivalled energy and passion”.

Angela Edmonds, Group L&D Manager – Future Leaders, Greencore Group

“The Apprenticeship Strategy Meeting was the best external event I have attended in my career. The event was real, informative and all information was applicable to my role and business. Left the day energised & with a clear focus & plan that NSAFD can work in partnership with me on”.

Gemma Hunt, Early Careers Lead, Kerry Foods

For us at the NSAFD, these events are really important, as it gives us a chance to engage with you all, and understand your needs so that can tailor our services appropriately.  We look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting.