2019/20 Employer Funding Rules

Tuesday, August 06, 2019 - 15:48

New Rules

  • Some occupations require the training provider to be approved by a regulatory body before being able to deliver training for the apprenticeship. Therefore you must now ensure you are registered where needed. Info about regulatory bodies are generally included within the info about each standard. Find more info here.

Off-the-job training:

  • For new starts from 1st August the number of planned off-the-job training hours, for the full apprenticeship, must be documented on the individualised learner record.

Who can be funded?

  • The rule on funding for concurrent programmes has been expanded and moved into “individuals who are not eligible for funding”. The rule has also been expanded to allow an individual to attract funding for an apprenticeship and some AEB funded provision concurrently.

Eligible costs:

  • From 1st October 2019, new standards must have an EPAO in principle in place before Public funding can be accessed for new apprentices.

Contracting and subcontracting:

  • A statement of expectations is required when working with subcontractors as detailed in the new guidance published in May 2019.
  • The subcontracting rules have been updated to reflect the new register of apprenticeship training provider conditions including the types of delivery subcontractors that can be used to deliver apprenticeships.

Clarification of existing rules

Apprenticeship agreement:

  • An incomplete apprenticeship agreement means an apprentice is not working under an approved English apprenticeship. The funding rules have been updated to confirm that where an apprenticeship agreement is incomplete the apprentice does not have a valid agreement and will not be eligible to receive funding.

Off-the-job training:

  • The off-the-job training section has been updated, using the terminology found in legislation, to further aid understanding.

Commitment statement:

  • The commitment statement section has been updated to further aid understanding. This includes the use of the terms:
    • normal working hours; and
    • practical period of training.

A rule has been removed from this section to reflect that it is no longer necessary to include confirmation of funding sources.

Learning support:

  • Learning support can be used to support identified learning needs directly associated with an apprenticeship, including costs associated with meeting those identified needs in end point assessment.

Eligible costs:

  • The eligible costs section has been updated, expanding on the existing information, to further aid understanding.

Additional payments:

  • The definition of a child in care has been updated to confirm that a child must have been in the care of a UK local authority.


  • The end-point assessments section has been updated to further aid understanding and to reflect information shared out with the funding rules.

Apprenticeships funded by transfers of levy funding:

  • The rules have been updated to confirm when a transfer of funds can be used. If an apprentice is changing employer, then the new employer can agree with a Sending Employer to use a transfer of levy to continue to fund the apprenticeship.

Change of circumstance:

  • The change of circumstance section has been updated to reflect the position on unemployment, as detailed elsewhere in the funding rules. This section now confirm where an apprentice is no longer employed they cannot continue with their apprenticeship (with the exception of redundancy).
  • Following user research it was clear that more information around breaks in learning would be beneficial so we have clarified what a break in learning is and how to record a break in learning accurately.
  • The actions have been updated to include confirmation of what needs to happen if an apprentice is changing employer and the apprenticeship is now being funded by a transfer of levy, or continuation of funding via transfer.
  • Information has been added and updated throughout the change in circumstance section to clarify the action taken, within the apprenticeship service, when a specific change of circumstance occurs.

Evidence pack:

  • The rules have been updated to give more information into the evidence that must be held within the evidence pack. The section has also been restructured to reflect the new structure of the funding rules.

Additional Changes

  • Commitment statement - A link to the commitment statement template has been added. It can be found on the off-the-job training section of GOV.UK. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apprenticeships-off-the-job-training
  • Support for English and maths training - A flowchart has been created and added into the funding rules to help you find out what training your apprentice should do. This flowchart supports the English and maths rules and should be used alongside them.
  • Change of circumstance - A flowchart has been created and added into the funding rules to help you find out what to do if your apprentice wants to take a break in learning. This flowchart supports the rules on break in learning and should be used alongside them.
  • Glossary - New terms have been added to the glossary.

Click here to download the changes including what it actually says in the rules

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