Authorised Person Working at Height - CPD Certified

Course Overview

This course meets the main requirements of MoD JSP 375, Chapter 7, and many other similar safety rules and procedures. On completion of the course, you will have the requisite knowledge to be able to identify and advise on typical working at height activities, and the associated risks. You will also be able to check the competency of operatives, the quality of their equipment, and ensure that the correct control measures and safety documentation is in place prior to issuing a permit for work to be carried out.

Who Is This Course For

This is for those who have been selected for training to become an Authorised Person (Working at Height). This position has the responsibilities to implement, manage and control all aspects of Working at Height operations, ensuring that a safe system of work is in place.

Key Learning Areas Covered in This Course:

  • Overview of Health and Safety and statutory regulations
  • Introduction to Chapter 7 & Scope and limitations of Chapter 7
  • Management Arrangements (Hierarchy of Control Measures)
  • Roles and Duties
  • Assessment, appointment, auditing and monitoring
  • Climbing Teams and Authorised Climbers
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Operating procedures (safety documentation) | rooftop working (HSG33)
  • Chapter 27- Preventing Falls and Falling Objects
  • Safety Documentation worked examples and scenario

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Authorised Person Working at Height - CPD Certified

3 days

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