Authorised Person Mechanical and Pressure Systems - City & Guilds Accredited

Course Overview

Many organisations have adopted JSP 375 Volume 3 Chapter 4 (or parts thereof) as the basis for a Safe System of Work as applied to mechanical systems. For practicable commonality this course is based on the content of this document together with HSG 253 Safe Isolation of Equipment.

Who Is This Course For

This is aimed at experienced Engineering staff with responsibility for the implementation of risk management systems and procedures as an inherrent part of, and in accordance with, their Organisation's Safety Policy. Primarily, those with responsibility for the control, operation or maintenance of installed mechanical plant and who may be appointed as Authorised Person Mechanical or Pressure Systems. It is also suitable for those with overseeing and audit responsibilities within this area of specialisation.


Key Learning Areas Covered in This Course:

  • Fundamental principles of Applied Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  • Mechanical systems and components
  • Requirements of Pressure Systems Safety Regulations
  • Requirements of HASAWA 1974 and Delegated Legislation
  • Safe systems of work associated with mechanical systems
  • Functional risk assessments
  • Monitoring and Audit requirements
  • Practical exercises in the completion of safety documentation

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Authorised Person Mechanical and Pressure Systems - City & Guilds Accredited

4 days

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