Compliance Course:

VACCP & Food Defence

VACCP & Food Defence

Course Overview

A 1-day course that deals with the various issues head-on to identify threats and areas of weakness within existing Food Safety Management Systems. Knowledge of TACCP (Threat Assessment and Critical Control Points) and VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Points is essential if you are to avoid the potential for food fraud throughout your supply chain.

This course has been specifically designed to assist you in meeting the requirements of various standards relating to product authenticity, including the BRC Standard for Food Safety (Issue 8). You will also gain the knowledge and skills to conduct a Raw Material Vulnerability Assessment and will be guided through the methodology required in order to prevent intentional contamination of ingredients within your supply chain.

Who is This Course For?

No formal qualifications are required but an understanding of food safety and HACCP management systems would be beneficial.

Key Learning Areas

  • Need for Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Overview, Types of Attack and Attacker
  • VACCP – Vulnerability Risk Assessment
    • Definitions, At Risk Foods, Information Sources
    • VACCP Tools and Process
    • Risk Assessment
  • VACCP Exercises
  • Controls and Review
  • TACCP – Food Defence
    • PAS96:2017
    • Key Questions
  • TACCP Process
    • How to Conduct a TACCP Study
    • Threats to a Food Business Operation
    • Assessing Threats, Risk Assessment
    • Protection Measures
  • TACCP Reporting – using case studies from PAS96:2017
  • Contingency Planning, Incident Response
  • Review & Maintenance
  • Q&A, Discussion
Price: £370 + VAT per person or 2 for £650 +VAT
Duration: 1 day
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Price: £370 + VAT per person or 2 for £650 +VAT
Duration: 1 day

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