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Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing

Course Overview

2 Day course certificated by Docemus Ltd Team

Who is This Course For?

All site internal auditors on manufacturing sites

The two-day programme is designed to give team members a good understanding of the concept, terminology, principles, performance, and management of auditing.

The course is primarily aimed at:

• Currently perform internal audits and have no formal training or require refresher training.
• Have no experience of auditing but are expected to perform internal audits following their training.

In addition, the course may also benefit those who are not expected to perform audits but may be involved in the internal auditing process as an auditee.

Key Learning Areas

  • Purposes and benefits of internal audits

  • Audit planning and preparation

  • Preparation of check lists

  • Interview techniques

  • Auditing skills

  • Quality meetings, audit reporting

  • Corrective actions

  • Audit records

  • Practical auditing activities using short group exercises

  • The course uses a combination of theory and interactive exercises specifically devised to provide delegates with the necessary skills to carry out effective internal audits.  There will also be an opportunity for delegates to share and discuss good practice.

Duration: 2 Days
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Duration: 2 Days

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