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Allergen Management

Allergen Management

Course Overview

Allergen Management 1 day course certificated by Docemus Ltd Team

Who is This Course For?

For those at Supervisory level and above who are involved in food production

Key Learning Areas

Common allergens and intolerances
Understand difficulties faced by food allergic people
Understand risks allergic people take on a daily basis
Understand allergic reactions and causes
Procedures relating to the accurate communication of ingredient information, from supplier to consumer
Hygiene considerations with regard to allergen and ingredient control
Procedures relating to the control of contamination and cross-contamination of allergenic ingredients
The requirements of BRC Global Food Standards relating to Allergen segregation and control
Customer Code of Practice requirements on Allergen segregation and control i.e. TFMS and M&S
Packaging information to accurately reflect the contents of the product

Duration: 1 Day
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Duration: 1 Day

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