Consultation on the Transition from SASE Frameworks to New Apprenticeship Standards

Wednesday, February 01, 2017 - 09:00

This consultation relates to the proposed approach to determining the basis for switching off SASE apprenticeship pathways and frameworks.

The NSAFD is seeking input to inform recommendations to the Department for Education.
In a changing landscape it is down to each Issuing Authority to inform the approach for SASE apprenticeship framework switch off.

The principles behind this consultation have been agreed by the Federation of Sector Skills and Standards in advance of the consultation.

The NSAFD (formerly Improve) seeks to live by our values of integrity and to that extent it is important we are transparent and that we engage with stakeholders prior to making any recommendations.

Consultation Purpose

The purpose of this consultation is to ensure that:

  • Employers and providers are informed of the rationale, approach and proposals being recommended
  • Employers are not disadvantaged as a result of the decisions to transition from frameworks to standards
    • Employers, and providers via their employers, can influence these proposals through the consultation process.


Feedback should be provided outlining:

  1. Any general perspective on the proposals & principles
  2. Specific issues with individual pathways or frameworks proposals
    • These should be accompanied by:
      1. Information as to why the proposal disadvantages the business
      2. If an alternative standard is available why the employer could not use the new standard
      3. If no alternative standard is available but the pathway is low volume what is the basis of assuming new, higher take up

Download the full paper here

Email responses should be sent to

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