IAAP Advanced Dairy Technologist (L5)

This programme develops all the core scientific and industry knowledge and skills to enable technologists to work across the dairy industry.

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IAAP Food & Drink Advanced Process Operator (L3)

This Industry Approved Apprenticeship Programme is designed to help those transitioning to, or entering a more automated production environment. It provides the essentials for the development of greater
autonomy and responsibility both technically and as key team members.

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IAAP Food & Drink Maintenance Engineer (L3)

This Industry Approved Apprenticeship Programme is a unique programme integrating both core engineering with food to develop the kind of maintenance engineer that has not been available previously. Engineers are truly multi-skilled with both electrical and mechanical knowledge and skills.

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IAAP Food & Drink Process Operator (L2)

This Industry Approved Apprenticeship Programme will provide Process Operators with a wider understanding of their roles and the context in which they work as well as supporting the development of core capability. Communication is a key aspect developed through this programme to enable operators to contribute to improvement activity.

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IAAP Food Technologist (L3)

This Industry Approved Apprenticeship Programme (IAAP) will help food businesses fill a core gap in
terms of quality and product development roles. It provides the essential scientific knowledge to underpin activity as well as developing the practical industry relevant processes.

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Industrial, Domestic and Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation (2919-01) City & Guilds

This course will allow you to take advantage of the surge of interest in the domestic and commercial electric vehicle market. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to install dwelling and on street charging points.

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Internal auditing – principles and practices

The two-day programme offered by Campden BRI is designed to give team members a good understanding of the concept, terminology, principles, performance, and management of auditing.

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Introduction to Air Conditioning Systems - City & Guilds

This course will provide an understanding of Air Conditioning Systems and the processes involved. It will also promote the knowledge required to carry out or manage work on the various systems encountered.

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Introduction to Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations - City & Guilds

To assist delegates in gaining an understanding of the theory and practice related to carrying out inspection and testing of electrical installations and in particular provides foundation knowledge prior to attending a Part P course. The course would also be suitable for those who would benefit from the opportunity to gain an awareness of practical inspection and testing procedures before attending a City & Guilds 2394 course.

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Introduction to Sensory Evaluation

The course is designed to help delegates understand the principles of ‘good sensory practice’ including the importance of being objective, selection and training of taste panellists and includes a review of sensory methodologies to aid attendees in selecting the most appropriate method to use in their workplace.

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Industry Approved Programme
This mark means the programme has been created in conjuntion with the food & drink industry and approved by leading industry experts to include the specific elements employers will be looking for in the future.