Substation Entry

Staff who may occasionally or regularly enter substations to do work (other than High Voltage work) or to accompany an Authorised Person while High Voltage working or testing is being carried out.

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Supplier Auditing

This 1-day course is aimed at those responsible for, or aiming to be responsible for, the auditing of their organisation's new and existing suppliers as part of their job role.

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The Ethical Trading Workshop

This course will detail the issues covered by the ETI Base Code and their application to UK suppliers. This workshop is intended to help suppliers and growers to understand the requirements of the ETI Base Code so that they can meet their legal requirements and the expectation of their customers.

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Threat Assessment and Critical Control Point (TACCP) Workshop

This one-day course will assist you in meeting the requirements of the BRC Standard for Food Safety (Issue 7) clause 5.4 which states that:
‘Systems shall be in place to minimise the risk of purchasing fraudulent or adulterated food raw materials and to ensure that all products descriptions and claims are legal, accurate and verified.’
TACCP is the systematic management of risks through the process of assessing threats, identifying vulnerabilities and implementing controls to raw materials, packaging, finished products, processes, premises, distribution networks and business systems to prevent intentional contamination of food and drink. The TACCP (Threat Assessment Critical Control Point) study should be integrated into the existing Food Safety Management System therefore ensuring product safety.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Points Workshop (VACCP)

The issue of food fraud in the supply chain is becoming increasingly important in the food industry. Hence the need for a systematic approach to identify the threat of economically motivated adulteration and assess the vulnerable points within the supply chain to satisfy the requirements of Clause 5.4 in the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7.

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Water Regulations

On successful completion of this course you will be able to apply to be an ‘approved contractor’ for water regulation purposes. This means that you can self-certify your plumbing work and also work for housing associations and other various non-government bodies. You will also be able to join the WIAPS Approved Plumbers Scheme providing you hold other relevant certificates.

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WaterSafe Qualification Pathway

This course will provide you with the required competencies and will allow registration to one of the seven Approved Contractor Schemes, providing a pathway to WaterSafe Accreditation. On completion, an onsite assessment of your work will be carried out and you will attain the QCF Level 3 in Safe Systems of Hot and Cold Water and Sanitation.

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Welding Level 2

This course provides candidates with the skills and knowledge required to enter a career in Welding. The course covers MIG, MAG Manual Metal Arc welding as well as using Thermal cutting equipment including Acetylene, Propane and Plasma cutting.

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Industry Approved Programme
This mark means the qualification has been created in conjuntion with the food & drink industry and approved by leading industry experts to include the specific elements employers will be looking for in the future.