Food & Drink Advanced Process Operator Apprenticeship (L3)

Who is this programme aimed at?

This programme is aimed at those working or starting work in skilled or technical operator roles in automated
food and drink businesses.


Technical Operators and Skilled Operators.

Related Programmes

IAAP Operator Programme. There is an Operator IAAP (L2) aimed at those working in less automated roles.

What capability will the programme develop?

Apprentices will learn the principles of maintaining equipment and processes, understand multi-stage
operations including start ups, shut downs and changeovers, know how to identify and resolve technical problems and introduce new products and processes. They have significant knowledge of asset care, environmental management systems, health and safety, incident management and multistage operations including start ups.

They will be able to interpret and implement SOP’s ensuring best practice, carry out routine and specialist maintenance of equipment as well as anticipating potential problems and delays, planning accordingly. They will be able to take responsibility for continuous improvement, using problem solving techniques to eliminate root causes of problems. They will demonstrate wider responsibilities including participating fully in internal and external quality audits, buddying and mentoring and supporting on the job training for other production colleagues.

Apprentices are problem solvers, proactive and tenacious in their desire to ensure that the business operates effectively and efficiently. Their strong communication skills, passion for the business and their ability to develop capability in others around them supports their ability to identify and resolve problems both as they happen but increasingly anticipating them. They are fl exible in their approach whilst operating with integrity and pride, acting as ambassadors for their shift, site, company and industry.

Why is this a great programme?

This is a programme designed to help those transitioning to, or entering a more automated production environment. It provides the essentials for the development of greater autonomy and responsibility both technically and as key team members.

Skills issue faced

Skills gaps and shortages with the increased introduction of automation on sites. Moving from a reactive to a
proactive approach to production. 

Food & Drink Advanced Process Operator Apprenticeship (L3)


Study options: Delivery at Provider Premises, Work-Based Learning

Advanced Apprenticeship

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