Advanced Dairy Technologist Apprenticeship (L5)

Who is this programme aimed at?

This programme is aimed at those working or starting to work in a dairy business as a Dairy Technologist.

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What capability will the programme develop?

Apprentices learn about the dairy industry, its structure, relationship to world markets and the production process
from cow to carton including the stages of milk and factors affecting its composition. They learn about the
fundamental principles of milk chemistry and microbiology, the appropriate test methods and applications including
how to classify micro organisms in dairy production. They learn about the range of dairy operations such as filtration
and pasteurisation and their impacts on product quality, functionality and shelf life as well as GMP and GLP in a dairy
context. Core manufacturing knowledge also includes dairy process design and engineering, process control including
statistical process control, CI and lean principles in the supply chain, sustainability, environmental and legislative
considerations and key steps in NPD.

Apprentices can operate and control a range of dairy unit operations including cleaning, milk reception and packing.
They will be able to project manage operational change including product trials and plant commissioning. They can
manufacture a range of products by hand and through automated processes as appropriate including tailored milks,
butter, cheese and ice cream and manage the maturation process of cheese. They can take and analyse product
samples and propose routes of action based on the results.

They can cost new products, develop HACCP, TACCP and VACCP plans, comply with legislation and apply the concepts of CI techniques to solve operational problems and optimise ways of working. Apprentices develop a pride and passion for the dairy industry and real ownership of their work. They become proactive problem solvers and innovators keen to identify and deliver improvements to the quality of products and the operation of their business. They take ownership of their own development and act as an ambassador for their shift, site, company and the dairy industry as part of the wider food industry.

Why is this a great programme?

This programme develops all the core scientific and industry knowledge and skills to enable technologists to work across the dairy industry.

Advanced Dairy Technologist Apprenticeship (L5)


Study options: Delivery at Provider Premises, Work-Based Learning


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