Industry Approved Centre of Excellence Network

Enjoy the Academy advantage as a Centre of Excellence

Gaining formal industry approval of the exceptional quality of your facilities and expertise in providing specialist training solutions to food and drink manufacturing businesses is an accolade awarded to a select few.

Becoming a Centre of Excellence within the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink’s network of providers brings first class status.  Each Centre of Excellence is approved by Industry - securing your place among an elite provider community with the ability to offer skills solution expertise, facilities and equipment of the highest order.

Being approved by the industry puts you head and shoulders above the rest - delivering unrivalled marketplace advantage.

As a Centre of Excellence, you gain the right to display the Centre of Excellence quality mark on your own marketing material to denote your expertise.  It is a mark of excellence others will covet but few can match.

As you would expect, the accreditation process is rigorous - but the reputational rewards and commercial opportunities are unparalleled.

The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink refers over £2million of new training business to industry approved providers each year. Academy providers are first port of call for local, regional and national food and drink businesses seeking the very best providers to meet their needs.

If you believe your organisation has the qualities that lead and define the very essence of skills training and delivery excellence, in the food and drink industry, we’d like to hear from you.

Your Academy Advantages in Detail

Being a Centre of Excellence involves industry recognition of your superior training facilities and your exceptional level of specialist expertise in a specific food and drink manufacturing subject area.

Accreditation is subject to rigorous quality checks:

  • The operational attributes and ways of working that contribute to your reputation for excellent overall skills solution delivery
  • The physical environment and resources you offer
  • Your expertise and specialist subject area(s) experience
  • Tangible evidence of teaching quality and how you support positive learning outcomes such as job acquisition

Recognition as a Centre of Excellence is facilitated by the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink and confirmed by the Industry.

Once you are approved by the Industry, the Academy will help you to maximise business growth opportunities – providing you with fully validated referrals, solid business development opportunities and marketing of your services to the decision makers that really matter.

As a Centre of Excellence within the Academy, you will enjoy:

  • The right to use the Centre of Excellence quality mark to denote your industry approved status in your chosen subject area
  • You may also apply for one Specialist Network subject area or one Tasty Careers Network subject area, free of charge
  • Solid business development opportunities with in excess of 300 companies a year that use the Academy for training support
  • High impact promotion on the Academy’s own website 
  • Free listing of your industry related courses within your subject area
  • Centralised marketing support from the Academy including regular e-shots to UK food and drink manufacturing and processing businesses, sector-specific events, PR and social media
  • Access to vocational training opportunities referred by the Academy to Industry Approved providers
  • Opportunities to jointly develop new training products and services

Join us and you’ll find yourself in good company – including access to keynote guests, industry education updates and networking opportunities with other leading UK colleges and universities at the Academy’s annual conference for Tasty Careers Network Industry Approve Providers.

So take the first step

By taking your place among an elite group of institutions approved by the industry you also gain a closer relationship with sector businesses and the opportunity to be ahead of the curve in understanding emerging areas of educational need.

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